Spring steels are low alloy, medium or carbon steels manufactured to very high yield strengths. Their main feature is the ability to resist deformation, and return to shape. There are two main methods of production, the most common involving the heat treatment process known as hardening and tempering, where medium and high carbon steels are heated and quenched. Whilst this achieves high yield strength, the process introduces brittleness and the material is subsequently tempered to remove the stresses and greatly reduce the risk of  the material breaking in use. The presence of carbon is key to this process. The second production method involves utilising the work hardening nature of steel to achieve high tensile strength. This is achieved by cold working, through rolling or drawing and is more commonly used with the austenitic stainless range of materials.

This site is maintained by BSS Steelstrip, supplier of small quantities of spring steel strip.

We have been involved in the supply of special steel strip to UK manufacturers and service centers for over thirty years and have a wealth of experience in our field.

We have been involved particularly with the supply of cold rolled high carbon and alloy spring steels and have represented a number of European and US steel manufacturers over a number of years. During that time we were involved with the supply of these grades to UK stockholders and service centers. We came to realise that whilst these companies supplied a valuable “just in time” service to manufacturers, it was still difficult for smaller batch producers, developers and engineers involved in prototyping to source small quantities of these products.

Whilst it is possible to buy general purpose mild steel sheet in small quantities from many sources, obtaining more specialised strip has always been more difficult. It is not economic for large companies with continuous inline processing facilities to sell small quantities, but our facilities are “geared” to this and accordingly we are able to offer single sheets or short run coils in a range of spring steel grades.

We stock annealed and hardened and tempered material in a range of grades particularly CS70, CS80, CS95 and 75CR1, EN10132 and AISI carbon grades.

Additionally we can offer stainless spring steel strip in type 301 temper rolled and type 420 hardened and tempered.

If you are looking for spring steels in small quantities, we are the people to contact, and even if you are unsure what material you need we are pleased to advise. Do not spend hours of frustration searching the web, give us a call 0n 01709 820070 or visit our website here